Office Society Name Description
Seneschal Syr Ekkill Ullrson The officer serving as “president” of the local group. This person acts as the group administrator and legal representative of the SCA.
Exchequer Lady Grayce Grandisson The officer serving as treasurer for a group or kingdom.
Knight Marshal Sir Iri Lutrson inn Stafndrengr The specially trained person who oversees heavy combat activities for safety purposes. This person also helps plan heavy combat practices and reports heavy combat activities to the crown.
Rapier Marshal Christian deXavier Coordinates light combat activities for the Shire.
Arts & Sciences Minister Lady Mary Thomas The gender-neutral version of the Mistress/Master that oversees the crafts and skills of the Middle Ages/Renaissance which we research and practice in the SCA. Also referred to as “A & S.” They often plan classes and report what A&S projects the group is working on.
Chronicler AnneLyse van Gavere The editor of a group’s newsletter. They often take notes at business meetings and report on what has been going on in the group.
Herald Lady Elfrida Scholastica Eliensis The officer who helps participants come up with SCA names and armory; or, the official who makes announcements on the field, or is the Master of Ceremonies for court.
Chatelaine Aline Swynbroke A officer who helps new members learn about the SCA. This person also is often in charge of greeting people who come across a practice or event that is in a public setting and explains what the SCA is.
Webminister Alasdar mac Suihbne Maintains the Shire's web presence, such as the group website and email service.

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