Medieval Carriage Symposium

This a gathering of SCA carriage drivers and those interested in carriages, carriage driving and building carriages.
Anticipated speakers:
  • - Sterling D. B. Graburn has penciled us into his schedule. He will be teaching a reinsmanship class using rein boards. Sterling has driven in three World Carriage Driving Championships, navigated in three others and won two National Championships.
  • - Mary Elliot will be speaking at 1pm about furs and sleigh robes.  
  • - Kathleen Haak (Katherine) will be speaking on the evolution of whips.  We anticipate having several unique whips available including one made of whale bone.
  • - Sargent Boldewyn Rhienholt will be presenting on the anachronistic cart that he made.
  • - Jessie Collins and Kathleen Haak will be speaking about mounted archery and chariot archery.  Jessie manages Bluegrass Horse Archers, belongs to several mounted archery associations and has competed in Georgia Open Horse Archery Competition.  Kathleen has been participating in mounted archery for several years. Her carriage was used by the winning archer in chariot archery at 50th Year.
Other opportunities:
  • Virginia Goodman with the Carriage Museum of America will be offering a few tours / research opportunities in their library and archives. Shared with the CAA (Carriage Association of America) the library contains roughly 2000 books related to carriages and the archives are full of carriage maker information, blueprints, etc.

We are still actively looking for additional speakers.  We have enough space to set speakers up in two rooms.  If you are hesitant to speak but would like to create a display board, we have room for those.

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